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IUD Divas

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dedicated to spreading accurate information about IUDs and reproductive health
IUD Divas is, you guessed it, a community dealing with IUDs and those that have them.

Generally, anything IUD-related is more than welcome in this community. This is a good first stop if you're new.
There are a few ground rules, but they're pretty self-explanatory:

1. Be respectful of other users. No flaming, no name-calling. Do this, and you'll be banned. We are trying to keep this a safe and informative space for everyone.
2. Do not delete comments. Do not screen comments. It's more helpful for users who find your post later!
3. We are not licensed medical advice, and everything should be taken with a grain of good judgement.
4. Please format your posts in a readable way. This means regular sized, black, standard font; a reasonable attempt at good spelling and grammar; and appropriate punctuation. Use an LJ-cut for longer posts.
5. We have a rather diverse community. Our users come from all over the world, get IUDs for myriad reasons, have different medical coverage situations, and vary in relationship status, sexual orientation and gender identity. What this means is that you should keep this in mind with your wording. Say "people," "iud users," even "iud divas" instead of "ladies" or "girls." Don't assume that everyone's here to prevent babies, or that we're all from your country. That sort of thing.
6. Try to be accurate. Here, we like to cite how we know what we know.
7. We are a community of people interested in sharing personal experiences and discussions around IUDs. Individual community members are welcome to share resources they find useful. Organizations may post an introduction to their organization and tag it so people can find it in the future. However, frequent informational type posts from the same organization are not in the spirit of the community and may be deleted. Similarly, posts from organizations that fall outside the communities rules will be deleted.

You may also find our polls and surveys tag useful. To see the results of a poll without answering it yourself, click the number or name of the poll (such as Poll #12345), then the link that says [view poll results].

For questions regarding other forms of birth control, please visit birthcontrol. For questions regarding sex, try sextips, and try vaginapagina, for information on women's health/sex/other issues.

Your moderators are:
(The best way to reach us is the community e-mail IUD.Divas@gmail.com or a private message on LJ)

LJSeek makes this handy dandy search tool that you can use to find information on LJ, and, using the dropdown menu, iud_divas specifically. Try it out!
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