Discharge issue

Hello all, I'm new to this community, but I need some advice! Im 31 years old with a pargaurd that I gave had for almost 6 years now. Recently I have started to have this snot like consistency in my discharge. Sometimes it is a little discolored and sometimes it is streaked with blood. I recently went to my OB and she performed a "wet prep" test on me. It cane back normal. However, she said that sometimes our body tries to reject our "foreign bodied IUD" so she prescribed me an antibiotic cream. I had an allergic reaction to it, so she told me to quit taking it. The snot like discharge has not stopped! I'm so embarrassed by it and am almost to the point of having the IUD taken out even though I don't know for sure it is what is causing the discharge. My other big issue is thag my body struggles with hormones and I end up throwing up from taking the pill, so I am unsure what other BC options I have. I really would just love to know if anyone else has experiences this odd discharge and that I am not alone. Or what can I do to help it go away possibly?

Copper IUD Second Time Around

I'm 28, cis, nulliparous. I've been on birth control for about a decade now. Two weeks ago, I got my second copper IUD (Multi-Safe CU 375) inserted. I'm in Germany where this is one of the widely available IUDs and the same as my previous IUD from 2014. I've been reading this community since I got my first IUD and I thought I'd share my experiences. If you have questions about anything, feel free to reach out.

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Copper IUD paranoia

Hey so, I got a Cooper IUD placed in March. I'm 22, and last time I was on hormonal birth control the hormones made me so crazy I got prescribed antidepressants. I decided I needed birth control since in moving in with bf soon. I have no kids and don't plan on it for a while. I wanted to know everyone's experiences and see if anyone's is similar to mine. I already called PP(who inserted it) and mentioned it but the office clerk said it was fine. When I first got it inserted I had extreme cramps. They lasted about a day and a half. I'm not sure if the insertion induced my period or I was already due for it but I started that day and continued for 8 days with small spotting afterwords. I barely had any clots, which is different because I usually do have a lot. My next period was April. Cramps almost as bad as insertion but not too intense. Lasted two days. I spotted two, bled 8. It was heavier than usual this time but the doctor told me I should expect that. Clots were a little more than usual and a few were big but not bigger than a dollar coin; that was it. My sister thought she was being helpful by tagging me in something about a woman experiencing perforation and having to get things removed due to sepsis. I've been paranoid ever since. I checked the strings once in april. I felt both, they felt an inch or two long, nothing too bad. I checked the strings a few days after my period. I only felt one, it felt longer as well. I tried again. The next day and I felt it, and lost it. Called PP, she said sometimes the strings come together and feel like one and as long as I felt the strings I was fine. She said follow up isn't mandatory but if I wanted one it was at 3 months. I tried today. Still only one string, felt as long as last time, still felt only one. I tried to feel and see if it was both and tried to feel around the cervical entrance but I'm not sure I'm not too familiar with it 😂 still only one string. Now I'm a bit, crampy and light spotting. Very mild but concerning since I just checked the strings. Anyone else have similar experiences?

Help! Should i remove my copper IUD?

I'm 23 and I got my copper IUD put in 8.5 weeks ago. Prior to having it my periods were very unproblematic and lasted about 5 days of which 2 were mainly spotting and normally little or no cramping. Insertion was uncomfortable but totally manageable and in combination with fairly 'easy' periods I thought i was in for a smooth ride..however after an hour or so I started having agonising cramps that ibuprofen and hot water bottles wouldnt help. This continued along with bleeding/heavy spotting for a week, I then got my period which was unbelievably heavy and painful, I bled heavily for probably 8-10 days and then after that went back to heavy spotting and lighter bleeding. It probably would've been about 3 weeks after insertion that spotting was light enough to not need a pad... This lasted for a blissful few days (the cramps, although less painful,never stopped) But before I knew it the spotting/bleeding began again. This went on for the week leading up to my period (which was a slightly less grim 7 days) but continued for about another week after it. Once again i had maybe a week of relief with very light spotting before the bleeding began again. I am now coming up to my third period and I am dying to have this thing removed. I know it takes a few months to settle but i'm asking myself if theres only been about 10 days in the last two months that spotting was little enough to not need pads , how long is it really going to take settle. The cramping has never let up, I have absolutely no sex drive anymore as i'm so uncomfortable and in fact have only done it about 3 times since insertion because i'm cramping bleeding 90% of the time. Is it time I just accept this isn't for me and have it removed? I feel like a quitter but I don't know how much more i can take.

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Spotting for a year and then suddenly a real period?

I've been on Skyla for a year and I absolutely love it. The last 'real' period I had was last April. Every month since then I get cramps once in awhile, followed by light brown spotting for a few days, often never having to use a panty liner. It's always around the end of the month each time. It was a great! Then right around my 1st IUD anniversary, I was a greeted with a full blown period and was right at the end of the month too. At first I was a little annoyed, but then I wondered if this is normal and maybe worth seeing a doctor about. I checked my strings to make sure it wasn't falling out of place and it's still there. It might be the rise and fall of my hormones. I've been doing intermittent fasting for 14-15 hours for almost two months, so I don't know if that's to blame. I know IUDs can make your period irregular, but to from 0 to 60 in a year is a little concerning.
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Gynefix IUD in the UK?

I am desperate to get a Gynefix IUD inserted, as I am currently on the pill which has completely messed me up with acne and depression, and the normal copper coil will make my already heavy and painful periods so much worse.

I saw a post on here from 8 years ago detailing an email address for the doctor who fitted this IUD, and I tried emailing it but I could not get through to her, so if anyone has any idea on where in the UK offers the Gynefix, especially around the north west of England, I would be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance!

paragard, is this normal?

Hello! I am 33, nulliparous, and just got my paragard 9 days ago. It was about a week before my period, which is usually very regular. My period came about 5 days early/2 days after I got the Paragard.

I have a couple of questions:
1. Even though i mostly stopped bleeding (I am still spotting and crampy, but I assume that is normal as it is only a little more than a week old) before my period should have arrived, I had period symptoms when I should...I usually get a headache on day one, get some zits, and my breast get less sore. These all happened when my period should have started, but it was already done. Is it possible that my hormones are still on schedule, but my Paragard made the bleeding part happen early?

2. My husband and I had sex 8 days after I got the Paragard. It was great. However, about 4 hours later, I woke up out of a dead sleep to bad cramps and had to get up and get advil and a hot pad. I also noticed some bright red bleeding, which is not normal for me as I have never bled after sex. Is this sex related, Paragard settling in?? Is it normal?

My strings are still the same length that they were at installation, so I don't think it's making a break for it (though I will talk to my doctor tomorrow when they get in).


Extreme bloating/weight gain with Paragard??

Hi ladies! I’ve been lurking but am generally new around here, so forgive me if there’s any formatting mistakes.

I switched off HBC and got my Paragard inserted on February 12 of this year. I was on my period for insertion and had a ton of bloating until that period ended. I then got really bloated again around ovulation. My March period came with a ton of bloating and it hasn’t really gone away since then. I’ve always had a little extra fat around my abdomen, but prior to insertion my work out regimen and eating habits had really shrunk it down!

I’ve been bloated/bigger all month now, and it’s causing some of my clothes to be ill fitting. A dress that was roomy on me in late January has been tight since insertion. I’m also measuring a half inch larger around my belly button/“love handles”. I have not changed my diet or exercise habits at all. Cardio 2-3 times a week with weight lifting 2-3 times a week.

Any thoughts or similar experiences? I’ve considered it may be a nickel problem, as my ears react poorly to nickel (irritation, scabbing and goop).

Gynefix or paraguard?

i was planning to get the iud then i found out about the gynefix and now i cant decide which one to get?! Which one is better any ideas?
When i asked my gp about gynefix they said they've only fitted 1 or 2 gynefix so far so they wont do it unless maybe if im firm on in and really beg them . They told me family planning clinic offers it but when i went there the other day they said they dont? And also apparently it has a higher chance of perforation and its for people with a smaller uterus? :/
So now im really confused which would be better for me? Im petite and had my 2nd baby who's 8months still breastfeeding. I want a non hormonal iud which suits me but I've never got one fitted before so have no idea. Both places are not familiar with the gynefix amd pushing for the t shaped coil but my question is which is actually better or would be better for me? And is it a good idea to get my gp to insert it considering they've only done it like twice? Im in the uk btw.

Mirena round 2

Hi all, 

I'm getting my second Mirena inserted this upcoming Monday (yay!!) and was wondering about everyone's experiences with getting your second IUD. I've done some reading and it seems that if you have the first removed and second inserted in the same appointment everything goes pretty smoothly, however, I had my first one removed about a year ago (details below if you're interested) so I'm a little apprehensive about the insertion process this time around. I'm hoping it goes smoothly especially since the first time the OBGYN did not know I had a retroverted uterus (neither did I  for the record), but that's known now and I'm hoping that makes the process a little easier. Any feedback is welcome, thanks!

* Why I had my original IUD removed 

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