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Request for advice on tucking Paraguard strings.

Hi community, 

I am in a new relationship with a paraguard user.  We're having an intermittent problem with the strings where sometimes I don't feel them at all even with deep penetration where my penis is in contact with her cervix (I assume this is when the strings are coiled).  Other times it feels very sharp on my penis even with not so deep penetration e.g. missionary when I assume the strings have become uncoiled and dangle down.  Only I experience pain, one moment in particular stands out where the end of one of the strings found its way into my urethra — aaagh!

1. We wondered if there was a technique to coiling the strings around the base of the cervical cone so they stay there?  I read the skin folds are supposed to keep the strings tucked, perhaps this isn't naturally happening and so needs some help?  

2. Alternatively is there a product available for fixing them in place, maybe a spermicidal 'cement' similar to what you put on the side of the diaphragm when clipping it in place under the pelvis?  

3. Actually we were considering using the diaphragm as a backup since the Paraguard is only 99% effective as a contraceptive and we wondered if this could also be a way of keeping the strings up if we tuck them behind the diaphragm.  

I feel disappointed at the unclear or just lack of knowledge my local birth control centre has about IUDs and am hoping for some good advice from other people with more IUD experience.  

We're both reluctant for her to use hormonal contraception and neither of us want to resort to condoms.  


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