Kendall Meghan Sweeney (ksweens) wrote in iud_divas,
Kendall Meghan Sweeney

Severe cramping with Paraguard the morning after sex

I have had my IUD for 5 years, and I have loved it! This morning I had a totally new and unusual experience. I woke up with severe cramping in my uterus, which seems to have been related to gas pains. Occasionally I get pain with gas/or if I have to go number 2, but today was a whole new level. I had sex last night, and then just now was feeling for my IUD strings to check, and could barely feel them. Has anyone else ever experienced this, or is it possible my IUD has shifted? Trying to decide if I need to get it checked out. I also have the slightest bit of pink on my toilet paper when I wipe- like super mild blood, but I do tend to spot between periods and this is about when I would normally start spotting. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ladies!

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