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IUD and constipation?

Hi everyone, I’m very new here and am glad to have found this community! I’ve got a bit of a problem with my Mirena and would really appreciate some insights!

Background: I’ve (24 years old, NP) got my Mirena since October 2018. It’s been a very pleasant experience overall, and apart from minor complaints like mid cycle bleeding once a year, I love it. I’ve had three checkups ever since having it inserted, and the positioning was apparently great. I myself can’t check because the strings are trimmed very short.

Now for my problem: I am currently experiencing my worst IBS flare up in 10 years and was constipated for days until today. My stomach was distended and I felt a painful pressure, and despite 7 (!) laxatives, I didn’t have a bowel movement until this morning. Some of the laxatives I took over the past three days, were CO2 suppositories which distend the colon to facilitate things. Suddenly three hours after taking the last one yesterday, I started having uterine cramps and bleeding. Could my IUD have come out from all the straining on the toilet and pressure from my colon, or was this a random bleeding event? It completely stopped as of today, but I now have quite a bit of lower back pain.

Tags: bleeding, cramping, expulsion, mirena

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