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Bleeding and cramping returning after having Mirena for 3 years?

I got Mirena in April 2016 and bled/spotted consistently for like 8-10 weeks before it stopped pretty much completely. I really didn't have super heavy periods or cramping before getting an IUD, once in a while I would take an ibuprofen because my belly was uncomfortable enough, and that's it. I've been blessed for 3.5 years not having to think about tampons etc etc. However, about 6 (?) months ago, I started bleeding again. And having cramps that are way worse than I ever had before the IUD. It seems to be at least semi-cyclical but I haven't been able to pinpoint that. 

When I tried to ask questions about that concern and wanted to schedule an OB appt. in October, they asked me about the strings and as far as I know my strings/placement is fine. So I got the first appt. available, this Friday January 24th :'''') At this point I'm pretty sure I'm anemic. 

I'm curious if that's something that can happen as you get closer to the 5 year mark? Like a re-starting of pretty typical (?) period symptoms, after going without for 3 years? 


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