speakezzy wrote in iud_divas

1 Day Late on Paragard

Hey all. 21, NP :) I recently got my Paragard inserted last December 4, and I bled pretty much for the first few days and got my period. My next period is estimated to be on January 5, and it's not here yet. My usual cycle is 28-29 days. I've only been late a few times in my life, mostly when I was a teen and when I had sex for the first time. However, my period is late by a day and I'm getting a bit nervous.

I haven't yet had my first IUD check-up (scheduled on the 8th) because I supposed that my period would've come by then and I was advised by the nurse to come back when my period's over. This would be my second period on Paragard.

I know how much everyone hates asking about pregnancy chances, but I'd be pretty darned surprised if I got pregnant from sex in which my guy used a condom and pulled out right smack before my ovulation week. 

I came off birth control in early November after having only used it for a month.

I'm really nervous about this, so does anybody have experiences of their Paragard periods being late? Taking a pregnancy test tomorrow to be sure. Thanks, Divas!


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