soundasasalmon (soundasasalmon) wrote in iud_divas,

Bleeding/Pain After Flexi-T (Copper) Removal

Hi all,
After a long 5.5 years with the flexi-t, I finally had it removed today.
I was super nervous going in, but the actual removal was very quick and I did not feel that horrendous cramping that I felt during insertion. Just some discomfort and pressure.

I asked if I should expect bleeding, and the doctor said I would have "light spotting." However, I am now experiencing super sharp pains (I don't know if I would describe them as cramps) and am bleeding fairly moderately. Lots of little clots too (sorry if TMI).

Is this normal? I have found a lot of information on the removal of the mirena, but not much on the symptoms experienced after removing a copper coil.

Tags: flexi-t, removal
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