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First Kyleena insertion yesterday—no cramping after, barely any spotting?

Hi all! I discovered this community after Googling my question, and I've tried to research more posts about experiences like this, but I wanted to post because I'm a bit neurotic lol. I had a Kyleena inserted yesterday (Friday) and experienced mild cramping after (like a 5.5/10 pain-wise), but then a few hours after insertion, I had a bowel movement. I think I psyched myself out because when I flushed, I thought I saw a string go down... afterward, I had no cramping. Is there a possibility my IUD fell out without me feeling it?

I called a 24-hour nurseline, and she recommended I go for a check-up in 2-3 days. I know my doctor said to wait a week before putting anything up there, so I haven't tried to check my own strings yet. I've read elsewhere that some doctors say it's okay to check after 3 days—would it be okay on Monday to check my own strings? If I can feel them, I'll feel better; I could also try going to a walk in student clinic, but I'm not sure if it's also better to wait a week to have a doctor check me if I'm still at risk for an infection.

Since then, I've experienced very minimal spotting (the last time was this morning when I first used the restroom and wiped), and occasional cramps that are very mild. I guess I was expecting things to be a lot worse, so I think I'm doubly psyching myself out... did anyone else experience a pretty pleasant IUD post-insertion? I know it's normal to spot and cramp after insertion, but is it normal to not? 


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