bumblebeebb wrote in iud_divas

New IUD User Questions

Hello! I just got my Kyleena IUD 4 days ago now, and have a few questions about some immediate aftercare that I cant find the answers to online/ were not covered with my doctor.

     1. How long after insertion should I wait to check the strings? If I am not supposed to have anything up my vagina, when should I check them?

    2. I discussed when I can start having vaginal intercourse with my doctor (she recommended 2 weeks for me, because I was at the very end of my period, and wanted to ensure that I wont get pregnant), but how long should I wait until I could take a bath/ swim/ have anything in my vagina? I know bacteria is an issue, so I am unsure of how long I should wait to do anything.

Any information or links would be helpful! Thank you!


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