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Mirena – 4 days post-insertion

Hi hi, just thought I'd give an update because it feels cathartic to write about my experience and might help others know what they might expect or be good for comparison with your own symptoms/experiences (would love to hear from anyone with a similar insertion time if they stumble across this, so we can compare notes!).

Most days since my insertion (Monday) I've been feeling totally fine. Wednesday I woke up around an hour before my alarm with constant mild cramping that got steadily worse until I took a painkiller with breakfast. Tuesday and Thursday I hardly felt a thing. Today though (Friday) I felt tight and uncomfortable in my hips all morning, which turned into full cramping around lunch. I'm now dosed up on paracetemol and naproxen and the cramps are fading into background noise. I'm someone that likes to cut out painkillers as soon as I'm able, so I keep resisting popping pills, but I think I just am going to have to accept this'll be necessary for a bit!

I worked two jobs during the week after taking Monday off, and besides feeling maybe a touch tireder than usual it's been fine. Some of my work requires careful focus and attention, all of which I had at hand. My mood's been relatively good, though I felt a little crabby and tired as the cramps came on today. Haven't had sex yet since insertion, mostly 'cos my partner's come down with a bad headcold, but to be honest I don't really mind as I feel like I'd probably be a little bit sensitive. Did rub one out (sorry for TMI) on Tuesday and the orgasm felt kind of weird, like cramps but good feeling? I imagine it was just a little swelling making it a bit different.

Last thing is that I've had a little feel for the strings while in the shower and haven't been able to find them. I haven't tried super hard and I'm not too worried, as the crampy feeling I'm getting seems to indicate to me that it's in there. I think my cervix sits fairly high when I'm not on my period. Anyway, I have a checkup at the clinic in another week and a bit, might just use condoms til then to be safe then I guess I'll find out if it's all good.

Thanks for indulging my posts, feels good sharing this!


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Mar. 17th, 2017 05:29 pm (UTC)
Hey, welcome to the Mirena club ;) I'm glad everything went smoothly. Some uteruses can be a little grumpy about the adjustment, so having occasional bouts of cramps in the first week or two is not unusual.

You didn't mention whether you were on hormonal birth control prior to Mirena, or had Mirena inserted on your period. I'm sure you are probably aware of this, but Mirena's hormones can take up to a week to be effective depending on prior HBC use and your cycle, so using condoms for the first week may be a good idea anyway.
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