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Skyla vs. Paragard

I'm new here and am considering an IUD- I'm 24F NP and have used HBC for 5+ years. I went off of my pill about three months ago and feel better than I have in years without the extensive hormones. I’m currently leaning toward Skyla after some research and having a basic consultation with my doctor. However, I’m having second thoughts… now I’m starting to consider Paragard and would love any advice on choosing the right IUD for me. My main concern with the hormonal IUD is how it might affect my mood. I had very intense mood swings on the pill and finally feel back to my old self being off of it. My main concern with Paragard is having heavier and more painful periods. Would these be manageable?

I am in an LDR so I’m confident/excited to try this form of birth control without having to worry about pregnancy for 3+ years. Any advice will help!!

Tags: choosing an iud, copper iuds (all), faq, hormones, paragard, skyla/jaydess

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