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IUD perforation

Hi all! You guys have helped me a ton in research during the whole IUD experience.

I initially had paragard put in March 2013. I had no big problems with this until November 2013. (Yes I had heavier periods and cramping like most others). In November, I fell down about 10 steps and knocked the paragard around.

So after my wonderful DH "reminded me" I had been on my period for about 3 weeks (I had been on a week before my fall). I made an appt to see my doctor. They did an ultrasound and saw that the paragard had shifted so I had to make another appointment for removal and replacement. My doctor did not ever say whether there was a perforation, but the ultrasound shows that the T was sticking through my cervix.

I had my second paragard put in at the beginning of December with the aid of the ultrasound. This time there was a LOT more pain than before. I tossed that up to my uterus being inflamed and irritated from having the old paragard sticking out of it.

All this time I have been bleeding. I would not call this spotting as there is no end to it. It's been like a constant light period (enough that I am wearing a light to regular tampon daily). I do have my follow up and well woman schedule for the end of January so I will check with my doctor about it then.

Do any of you have any experience with having a steady light flow after insertion? And when did it finally end? Any tips/tricks? Do I need to worry about anemia? etc.


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