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Weight gain

I know that weight gain can be a side effect of IUDs. I had one inserted in the beginning of November and I'm having quite a few issues with it. I'm willing to wait a while longer to see if it will settle but I'm really curious about something. When they say weight gain, what is the cause? Is it because people crave food more and eat more so they gain weight? Or is it just that the body starts working differently and stores everything as fat? I feel like I crave junk food so much more now than before I had the IUD and I'm slowly gaining weight. I used to crave junk food like crazy right before my period and now I feel like that all the time. It doesn't matter if my period is coming soon or not. By the way I have Skyla. I also seem to crave things I don't even really like such as pringles. Could my cravings be a side effect? If so is it likely it will go away if I wait a while or will it probably stick around?
I also don't really have a sex drive anymore. That's pretty common right? Does it get better?
Tags: risks/side effects, sex problems, skyla/jaydess

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