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Paragard insertion story

22, in a longterm monogamous relationship, no children. I wrote out a summary of my Paragard insertion at Planned Parenthood. It's not as detailed as some, but I was just trying to get it all written down fast.

Took 1000mg of ibuprofen an hour before my appointment. I also took 1mg of Xanax because I was experiencing massive anxiety over this. Older female nurse practitioner immediately started telling me that this would be painful for a woman who hasn't had a child and that there is a high expulsion risk for women who've not had a baby (I don't think "high expulsion risk" is exactly accurate, but whatever). I let her know that I'm well aware of the risks (thanks to this wonderful forum). She started by doing a basic exam. Then she did a vaginal probe ultrasound (pleasant surprise considering it's PP). She inserted a huge speculum, which was painful (not crazy painful, but worse than the last speculum I tangoed with). She swabbed a cleanser on the cervix. She then clamped it, I guess. Pinching pain. My legs started shaking uncontrollably. That was mostly due to shock of experiencing moderate pain in my cervix, I think. She asked if I wanted to continue, said I didn't look so good. Yes. She then measured the uterus, which was absolutely painful and a very odd sensation. Terrible. SHARP pain, not so much cramping (odd to me since most people mention bad cramping). There was a cramp, but it was nothing compared to this separate sharp pain. The cramp wasn't even as bad as my worst period cramps (or perhaps I was just very distracted by the sharp pain?). During the procedure I was shaking uncontrollably and yelling out in pain, gasping, which shocked me since I have a high pain tolerance and have ALWAYS kept it together during extreme pain. After the measurement, she inserted the IUD, which was bad, but NOTHING compared to the sounding. I'd almost say I barely noticed it. I feel like I felt the applicator go through my cervix and then felt nothing as the IUD went in and the arms went up. I think I was in shock from the pain of the sounding/measuring. She cut the strings to 1.5cm. Removal of the speculum was uncomfortable. No cramping at all immediately after. Some blood from cervix clamp. The insertion was BAD, but honestly not AS bad as I expected. It could have been worse, I suppose. It lasted a total of 5 minutes, and only 40 seconds of that was awful pain.

I have had no cramps since the insertion, which was over 6 hours ago. That may have something to do with the 5mg Percocet I took after the insertion, though. I really wasn't interested in cramps after that insertion. I took advantage of how great I felt by going for a good, long walk with my fiancé. No real bleeding, either.

So far, I feel very happy with my decision, very proud of myself for going through that pain. I just hope the damn thing stays up there where it belongs! I know I'm speaking too soon, but I feel good about this. The NP seemed very competent during the insertion.

Does anyone know if uterus size has much to do with expulsion? I measured at 7cm, and I know the minimum required for Paragard is 6cm. Will that extra tiny bit perhaps help me keep this sucker in?
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