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No longer a Diva...

Hi All,

I've posted here a few times since getting my Flexi-T inserted, back in March 2010, I think it was.

I was never 100% 'comfortable' with it. My first few cycles were actually the best! But I really wanted to stick it out :)

After 9 months things got worse - more cervical discomfort during sex, and eventually also pain using tampons, and even when moving about during my period. I was still determined to stick it... but eventually I just decided it probably wasn't for me.

I had a Nexplanon implant put in, and two weeks later (just because that's how the doc's appointments worked out) I had my IUD tugged out! It was super-quick, just a couple of cramps, which only lasted moments.

I was never told what my uterus measured when the IUD was inserted, and I wonder if this was my problem - my uterus was just never happy with it being in there because I was really a little too small for it? I guess I'll never know.

I know my cervix sits very high naturally - they had to use a longer speculum putting it in, and I warned the doc of that when she took it out. She also needed longer instruments!

Anyway, I'm on my second cycle since removal now (barely spotting - brilliant!) and I am so much happier without the IUD. Sex is brilliant again, and my poor partner doesn't have to worry about hurting me - which he hated. I feel much more comfy, no cramps now, no cervical discomfort.

So I'm sad the IUD didn't work out, but now I wish I'd had it removed sooner, and hadn't stuck with it for two and a bit years. I just wanted it to work! But it wasn't to be. I have high hopes for my Nexplanon!

Anyway, thank you to everyone here who gave advice, and thank you to everyone posting their experiences which helped me make both the decision to get it, and have it removed!


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