Emi l'entity (rockmoll) wrote in iud_divas,
Emi l'entity

1st period on my Flexi-T 300

I wanted to wait for the second periods, but it has been such a blast I need to work on my feelings towards this. Okay so:

-For a week before due time one hell of a cramp everyday and little blood. Weird.

-Periods started on time, but slowly, with increasing pain. Ate a whole bunch of ibuprofen, which dealt with it right away. As usually.

-They lasted for 5 days, 4 of them ached pretty badly (i.e. pretty much in the fetal position if I didn't take ibuprofen). I also had a binge-drinking spree, I guess that could have interfered and made them more painful because of the diuretic effect.

-I don't know if I just percieved them as 'heavier' because I used pads instead of my cup. But definately runnier and lasted one day longer.

Can't wait for the next ones... Hope they get better. I have been taking zinc and magnesium supplements and am willing to try other supplements as well to ease the cramps and bleeding. Advice on this?
Tags: bleeding, copper iuds (all), cramping, flexi-t, periods

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