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Missing period on Paragard? 33 days late...

So I am 23, no kids, in a monogamous relationship of 5.5 years, was on hbc pill for about 7 years before my iud, got my paragard inserted August 2013, stopped hbc sept 2013. During the month of still being on hbc with iud, I had spotting/light bleeding for the entire month, it stopped Sept 4th, then I didn't get my next period until October 11-Oct 17 (so like 1.5 weeks late), now I haven't had another period since. I have had some cramps, minor spotting for a like a day on November 24, but no period. I check my strings regularly, they are still there. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests, one about two weeks ago, one last week, both negative. I have been under a lot of stress because I was working three jobs and finishing my last semester of college as a full time student. I am hoping it is just a combination of just my body getting used to not being on hbc plus stress. Has anybody else had long breaks between periods with Paragard after ending hbc? Please let me know of any thoughts, I'm not quite freaking out because I have taken the pregnancy tests, but I am still a bit nervous.


I got my period Tues 12/17, so two months from my last period till now. Of course as soon as I post about it, my period decides to come, and it has come with a bloody vengeance, not too terrible of cramps though. Thanks everyone for your advice and telling me of your experiences.
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