grammar nerd extraordinaire (misslynn) wrote in iud_divas,
grammar nerd extraordinaire

Almost four month Mirena update

Just a quick recap, I am 32, nulliparous, had been on the patch and the pill for 9 years or so, got Mirena inserted in August. Insertion was painful but over quickly.

My occasional spotting seems to have stopped (I had none the first month, then a couple months of it here and there), and my "periods" such as they are have been very light. I have noticed two things: my PMS is almost nonexistent, I used to get really easily emotional, either sad or angry, right before my period and now my mood is more even-keeled; but my cramps are worse. Used to be it was a dull achyness for a day or so, now it's random stabby pains for a few days. Yesterday I was sitting at my desk and couldn't concentrate on anything for a few minutes 'cause it really hurt.

Overall I'm very happy with it, just making a note. Now if only my stupid insurance would sort itself out...

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