zeeniebaby (zeeniebaby) wrote in iud_divas,

Delayed period after Paragard removal

Hello ladies,

Sorry if this has been discussed before, I couldn't find one.

I had been on Paragard for around three years. It was pretty great except for slightly longer periods and maybe a few more cramps. I got my iud removed around October 15th because we decided to try and get pregnant. I had a period starting October 24th. This period was exactly like what I used to have pre-IUD. Today is December 3rd and still no sign of a period. For a while last week I had sore boobs, mild nausea etc but all of that disappeared after a few days. Took multiple pregnancy tests and they are all negative. I have always had pretty regular cycles lasting around 28-30 days both with or without Paragard. Has anybody else seen something similar after getting Paragard removed? 
Tags: copper iuds (all), paragard, periods, post-iud

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