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My first Paragard period.. or the calm before the storm?

Hey everybody!
So I'm almost a month in with my Paragard! So far so good! I had a crampy first couple days and then some random twinges, but felt completely back to normal after the first week and I feel so relieved to be off of HBC!

I think I may have started my first Paragard period yesterday.. but its not at all what I was expecting. I had some moderately strong cramps the past couple days (but nothing a couple Advil and a thermacare heat wrap couldn't handle) and started bleeding yesterday. It was not much different from the start of my Yaz period, bright red blood, but not much of it. Today I barely have any bleeding, just some brownish discharge..

I got a lunette because I was expecting an insane first period with my new little buddy, but there's barely anything inside when I remove it after 12 hours. I'm still getting the hang of it though, and I'm probably not removing it right. I need to use two hands (one to break the seal and smoosh the cup and the other to pull the tab. I really can't get my pointer finger and thumb to fit in there around the cup, and even if I can, I can't seem to grasp it well enough to remove it that way, too slippy and too much suction I think.


Is this really the start of my period, or just some mild spotting before the floodgates open? Am I going to experience the dreaded apocalyptic first paragard period others have mentioned? Is it possible that I haven't fully gotten back to normal after a month off the pill, and there just wasn't much lining to shed in the first place? If this is my period, it's right on time according to my little tracker app. I really just want to know if anybody else has experienced a crazy-light first period with their Paragard.

Is this normal, or should I be concerned?

Thanks so much for reading!
ps. Yay me for figuring out how to lj cut!!
Tags: birth control, bleeding, copper iuds (all), hbc, iuds and menstrual cups, no kids (nulliparous), paragard, updates short term

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