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ParaGard Post-Insertion Woes

Hi, Divas, and Happy Thanksgiving if you're in the U.S.

This Tuesday I had my first ParaGard inserted. 28/NP/never been on BC. The insertion, itself, was a breeze (had cervix softened and numbed, took a leftover vicodin). But I'm a bit troubled by the recovery.

The IUD was inserted on the last day of my (usually relatively light) period. There was no bleeding that day -- UNTIL the IUD was inserted. I put on a pad post-insertion, and a few hours later it was soaked with blood as if I was on the first day of my period. The bleeding tapered off towards the end of the evening; yesterday I was still bleeding, but it was older, brownish blood and stringy discharge. There was also (warning: extremely gross detail ahead) something cottage cheese or scrambled egg-like in consistency coming out of me, which crumbled apart when I touched it. As for cramps, I've been having them, and sitting down has been a little painful -- but I'm also extremely tough when it comes to pain, and can withstand a lot.

Today I've been making a turkey, so maybe it's the physical activity that's doing it to me, but hot damn -- these cramps are horrible. I feel like I've been shot in the gut with a crossbow. Still bleeding, though not soaking a pad. I've felt inside and my strings are still in place. Obviously the gyno who installed this little monster is not in his office for the rest of the week. Is this something I should be concerned about and go to the ER for? Or should I just load up on painkillers again?
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