Pernicious Damsel (damsie) wrote in iud_divas,
Pernicious Damsel

Update on Mirena

So I went for the ultrasound on Friday.  Great experience, btw, despite it being a "not the most fun thing to be doing".  The ultrasound technician was really nice, she made the experience much better... was a great comfort and we chatted about other BCs.  She's on Lutera and said that she LOVES it.  Anyway, we did the external and internal ultrasound.  Yeah... that thing is not fun.  Don't wanna do THAT thing again.

I got a call from my doctor's office, they left a vague voice message.  Turns out that the IUD is properly in place.  The person who called and left me my message... a PA or something, said that I do not have any cysts, however I do have several fibroids... one which is 4 cm.  Dr. Cohen can get a name of a gynecologist for me (I still freak out a little to know that my "gynecologist" that I've been going to is not a gyno... but is a family doctor AND gynecologist, which makes her not a true gynecologist, I guess?).  OR I can wait it out...  Yeah, not waiting anything out.  I know many women (3 out of 4) women will have fibroids at some point in their lives and many times don't know about them.  So yeah, going to call the doctor here shortly and get the name of a gyno.. I have another office that I have gone to, just not sure I really like that one either.  I'm telling you, finding a REALLY good doctor is hard, no?  I wish my doctors were like my cat's current vet.  She is AWESOME.  Too bad I can't go to the vet for my girlie issues. ;)

Not sure if I still want to get this thing out or not.  All I know is I didn't have any pain with sex before I got the IUD... not completely sure this is the issue, but guess I'll find out.

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