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Mod post: I'm back!

Hi all! It's one of your elusive mods.

As you've probably noticed, I've been around more often. I'm going to try to stop by at least once a week to participate in the comments. I appreciate the few of you who let me know about potentially problematic stuff during my absence, and really appreciate how chill and helpful everyone was. I'm glad you're all adults. (And I'm also glad we don't really talk about Huge Issues here.)

Few moddy things:
1. Yes, I realize our FAQs are still in progress. I'll try to push some of the improvements along in the next week or so, probably by revising and polishing up some answers that y'all have already written.

2. Please remember lj-cuts on lengthy posts. If you don't know how to do that, here's the LJ FAQ page on it.

3. We seem to have slipped back into the "ladies" norm. I'd just like to reiterate the request that we consider all uterus-owners in our greetings, including those who don't identify as women or those who get really turned off by the baggage that "ladies" or "girls" can carry. Some potential alternatives are "people" and "y'all." Because of our group name, even the admittedly-problematic "divas" is okay.

4. How have things been going? Is there anything we should discuss as a community? You can also send me a personal message. Emailing to iud.divas@gmail.com doesn't always get to me, and Violet_Flames is even more absent than I am. (Do you think we should get another mod or comm watcher?)

5. When I stopped by, I realized that our greeting feels rather stale and is hard to read. I'm thinking about rewriting it a bit (and putting it in a bigger font).

What it says now:
Welcome to IUD Divas!

We are happy to have you here. To get you information as quick as possible, and avoid repeat posts, please do a couple things for us before posting:
* Please read the userinfo (see "About the Comm" above). It contains a few basic rules about posts.
* Read the FAQ post, look through the memories (in the links section to your left), and check out the tag list. Your question may be answered there.
* If you are new, you might want to just read the comm for a couple days--you'd be amazed how much you can learn. Of course, if you need a question answered immediately that's fine.
Other than that...Welcome to probably the most comprehensive body of IUD information in LJ-comm form.
****Obligatory Note: We aren't doctors. We know lots of stuff, but medical choices should be made with the advice of a professional.****

What it could say:
Welcome to IUD Divas!

We are happy to have you here. We recommend you start by reading this post [also linked on the sidebar, url will change when I have a better splash page]. It will help you navigate our community and find your information quickly.

You are also welcome to read the comm for a couple of days. The FAQ posts and tag lists will also have great information tailored to various concerns.

Obligatory Note: We aren't doctors. We know lots of stuff, but medical choices should be made with the advice of a professional.

What do you think? How would you change it to be both welcoming and helpful?

And a bonus 6. This poll about our comm's demographics is a somewhat old one, so you should all go take it and update our data. I mean, if you want. If you've already taken it, you can update your answers by clicking on the poll number and then "fill out poll."
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