Emi l'entity (rockmoll) wrote in iud_divas,
Emi l'entity

Copper IUD (Flexi-T 300) Insertion story

Hello everyone! I've been reading this community since I decided to get an IUD and absolutely feel that I'm obliged to share my experience so far. I'm a 22-year-old finnish girl. I'm not sure if it's relevant, but I'm tall and a big girl. Around 5'10 and 160 pounds.

Few months back I went to this place where people get contraceptive and nursing advice in Finland. I told my nurse I don't want any hormones and am 100% convinced that I need the copper IUD. She said it's okay and took a pap and a chlamydia test right away since it is required before the insertion procedure.

I need to confess that I have never in my life been in any kind of gynecological examination, so that was a little exciting ! Didn't hurt at all though.

Finally today I had the appointment. Finally there was a doctor in town (LOL). I was n e r v o u s. AS HELL. I was so nervous all morning I cried a few times. I took 800mg of ibuprofen around 8.30 since my appointment was scheduled 10.00. I was adviced to take it two hours beforehand, but I thought that it would be just ridiculous.

The doctor was a fine old lady who was a bit intimidating. She immediately started to question my decision. She told me that it was not appropriate to get copper IUD since it was my first contraceptive ever without having had any children. She even complained about the nurse who said to me it was okay for me to have it (she was also in the room thank god) I was in shock and told I had plenty of girlfriends that had had the IUD with zero offspring who praise the IUD through the roof !!!. And I was NOT going to be any guinea pig for any horrible hormones ever!! Why was she telling me those things whilst she was totally up for it anyhow?????

I was a goddamn nervewreck there on the table. The doctor examined my uterus with her fingers and with ultra sound which was neeaaatt. She showed me my uterus and ovaries and I was happy for that I've always wanted to see them =)))

She opened me up with something cold and I was terrified because I've been imagining the speculum that measures the uterus and how it will be the most terrible pain ever..... But....

It did not hurt at all.
I was SOOOOO relieved. It was over. And it took like a minute. All I felt was some pressure, but I've been through some very horrible dental procedures and had many piercings in my life that the insertion of the IUD was a breeze.

I'm extremely happy that I did it and want to encourage ALL of you who thinks about it and reads this community. My main thoughts however are that it depends hugely of the person and the doctor if the insertion will hurt or not.

TL;DR Nothing hurt, except the doctor's words.
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