oil_rainbows (oil_rainbows) wrote in iud_divas,

Understanding Expulsion in Different Types of IUDs

It seems as though a lot of posts have to do with the expulsion of an IUD, and I'm wondering about the likelihood vs. the type of IUD? It seems as though people are saying it is more likely to happen with larger IUDs like paragard, but I would think that smaller ones would be more likely to? And does prostaglandin production have an effect? For example, (just a warning, a bit TMI), when I menstruate, especially during the first two days, I am more likely to have loose stools with along with painful cramps. On rare occasion, it sometimes causes me to throw up, and this is linked to excess prostaglandin production, from what I've gathered? Would someone like me be more likely to expel a copper IUD? Thanks, I know this is kind of a strange question, but I'm trying to find out as much info as possible, as I am considering getting an IUD, but I'm a bit concerned since even getting a pap smear was fairly painful for me.

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