OwlEyes (lookintomyeyes) wrote in iud_divas,

4th IUD behaving 'a little different' - anyone's take?

Got my 4th IUD (copper nova-t) inserted, and it's adjustment period is being different than before, so curious for others' opinions on things.

Previous 3 - put in easily, no probs at all.
4th iud - Went in for 2nd day of what I thought was my period. In hindsight, my periods aren't regular, so maybe it was mid-cycle spotting. First doc couldn't get it in, cervix just wouldn't open. She grabbed a 2nd doc, who got it in with very little effort.
2nd day, had one big cramp midday, but could still feel the strings. Cervix was sitting high, so difficult to feel the strings, but they were there.

Still bleeding nearly 2 weeks later, and its still watery and bright red. THAT is what seems odd to me. It got lighter and more brown about 3 days after insertion, then went back to being heavier and bright red. Cervix is now fairly low and open, and I'm STILL bleeding. Normally I use tampons, but was told not to use them til next cycle, so I'm having difficulty 'gauging the flow', but it still seems way less than my normal period.

So overall, I'm still loving it, but really hoping this bleeding thing figures itself out.

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