Tasha (namelessw0nder) wrote in iud_divas,

4 weeks w/ Paragard - some concerns

I had my Paragard inserted in late September and currently have my first period with it (inserted on my period). I have a 6-week follow-up appointment scheduled with my gyno in early November.

I'm nulliparous, monogamous & married, and was using condoms before insertion. I have previously used birth control pills, but due to low libido, migraines, and PMS issues, I haven't been on them for a couple of years. I resolved the libido, migraine, and PMS issues through diet & some supplements, though they were improved by getting off hormonal birth control. Staying off hormones is important to me and we don't want to have children for several years, so the IUD seemed like a more practical approach than relying on ourselves to be consistent with condoms (and to allow for spontaneity).

I had it inserted at Planned Parenthood because they had an appointment available on the same day that I made the inquiry. The sounding was more painful than the insertion or anything else, but I was able to breathe through the cramping. The cramps afterwards were very rough, so bad that I felt like I COULDN'T cry because it hurt too much. They were better the next morning and basically gone the day after that. The bleeding picked up again and lasted for another week after insertion. I've had some light spotting since then and got my period on time- though the flow has been kind of spotty and much lighter than usual.

I can't find the strings. I thought I felt them the week after insertion, like thicker fishing wire or something like that, but even when I locate my cervix & give it a gentle poke, I can't feel anything. To be honest, I'm not sure I know where my cervix is. When I've used my Lunette (menstrual cup) successfully in the past, it seems to settle in a certain place, so that's where I go looking for my cervix. I don't feel anything "like the tip of my nose" as they describe. There's something like a very squishy knot, I think. I don't feel anything coming out of it (nothing hard) and am not sure how soft the strings might be at this point (not sure if I'd notice them).

I can't use the Lunette now, which is disappointing. I'm having pretty bad cramps, but taking acetaminophen & magnesium helps. I get very sharp cramps if I insert the menstrual cup to where I used to. I'm really hoping it will just take some time for my body to adjust. I have had some pain during sex since the insertion, like painful cramping, which I never had problems with before. I'm worried that my body is not going to adjust and not sure how to long to give it before I give up and go back to condoms.
Tags: insertion, no kids (nulliparous), paragard

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