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insertion and period

Hello Divas...

brand new to the community though I did spend some time reading old entries/FAQs.

I just got a Mirena inserted this morning. I'm 32, never been pregnant. Had used the patch and the pill for the last 9 years total and wanted something different.

Here's my question: having some bleeding/cramping today which seems totally normal, considering. I still have four days left of my last pill pack (I was told to finish it) and normally would not get my period until next Wednesday. Should I expect to keep bleeding some through next week? Will the flow lighten up and then come back? I realize everyone is different but I appreciate personal experiences.

And here's my insertion experience just in case anyone's interested:

I was told to take 600 mg of ibuprofen beforehand, which I did. (I was LATER told that the doc often does a local shot and valium for patients who have someone to drive them home, but I was solo today.)

The doc did an ultrasound beforehand to confirm the shape and position of my uterus. She couldn't find my ovaries at first (and asked if I was constipated which I found an interesting question - I wasn't, in fact my digestive system tends to work overtime when I'm a little nervous). Anyway she said my uterus was a bit small but still within the boundaries of acceptable for an IUD.

Then she inserted the speculum, and I wish she'd told me exactly what she was doing after that because the pain took me by surprise, and I gasped and kinda recoiled a couple of times, it was pretty sharp. I kept telling myself that it had to hurt less than giving birth. :P

She told me I was doing great and to take some deep breaths. A few more sharp pokes and then it was over. The nurse gave me a pad and told me to take my time.

I put my pants back on and sat for a few minutes. After the speculum came out I felt a lot better but still kinda crampy. Thankfully not lightheaded or anything. I went slowly back out to the front desk, made my follow-up appointment, sat for another minute and decided I was OK to drive the half-mile back home.

By now I'm still a bit crampy and mentally out of it but it mostly feels like a lousy period day. I'm just hoping the cramps and bleeding don't last ten more days.
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