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Another insertion story :)

Hello again wonderful people! I had my appointment today to insert my paragard and people wanted me to keep them updated so here we go! Some background info for people who did not read my last post; I'm 18, never been pregnant, have a pretty decent pain tolerance (I have a tattoo and used to have my belly and nose pierced currently going through tattoo removal.)

So where to start my appointment was for 9 this morning I woke up at the last minute so I wouldn't really have time to think about it. I took a pain pill and an anxiety pill before I left my house. I had my mother drive me (thank god I did.) I went to planned parenthood and was immediately called back because I was the first patient. I had to take a pregnancy test. Then I went and sat in a little room with pictures on the ceiling and was told to undress from the waist down. Shortly the nurse practitioner came in (she seemed in a better mood than at consultation which relaxed me a lot more.) She told me to lay down and put my feet feet up and move allllll the way to the end of the table. She put the speculum in which I hate them more than anything they're so uncomfortable! She cleaned the area and put numbing gel on my cervix, I thought this tickled haha. Then used the tenaculum to hold my cervix open shes like you'll feel a tiny poke I was terrified but it surprisingly didnt even hurt! Then she went and got the sound I didn't expect it to hurt because everything else went so well. I had to get sounded not once but twice ): because she wanted to be sure she hit the top last time. The sound didnt hurt but it was a feeling kinda like woah woah ow I feel this strange sensation in my belly button kinda thing I got a little cramp then it was done. I measured 7cm. She then went a got my paragard ready, I asked what it would feel like and she said similar to the sound. The insertion part there was a little tiny cramp and then she was like all done! I almost didnt believe here cuz it felt like nothing hahaha. I sat there a second got up and started to cramp a little.

Went to checkout and schedule a 6 week appointment the scheduling lady had a strange look on her face as I said uhhhh "I don't feel to well..." She told me to sit down and brought my appointment card to me and called for the nurse practitioner. Apperently I was super pale and my pupils were dilated. She went and got me a small can of sprite and told me to relax and breath. I must have passed out for a second cuz I owned my eyes and was confused for a second haha. Then once I felt better I went out to the car with my mom and left I got the horrible hot flash so she turned the air on and it went away.

I came home around 10 changed into comfortable clothes hunted down my grandmas heating pad and slept like a baby for two hours. I'm having some mild cramping nothing horrible and I do feel a little nauseous. But other than that I'm just fine :) the practitioner said I handled it like a champ and it was super easy to go in which usually means that they'll stay. Hopefully, we'll see tho.
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