tigerlily9485 (tigerlily9485) wrote in iud_divas,


After last years failed attempt Wednesday I'm becoming a diva once again. Kinda scared, but it'll be fine I know. My last IUD expelled from my body after my first period. It had slid down to where I could feel it & when I went to my OB upon examination she exclaimed, "There it is, big as Dallas!" Needless to say it was removed. Trying this again! I'm gonna make it stick! (So to speak). Here's my question: what do y'all use during your period to prevent leakage? I've always used tampons, but I'm kinda wondering if that pulled it out... So what do y'all use? Please let me know. I need to know so I can be better prepared. Any tips on how to keep it in? Would standing on my head help, LOL! 

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