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Skyla insertion

Hi everyone,
I made a few posts on my experience with the Paragard in the last 6 months, including insertion, a 4-month update, and when, much to my dismay, it was expelled about a month ago. My doctor recommended that I try the newly-released Skyla because it's smaller, and my uterus had sounded at the minimum allowable size for the Paragard. I had the Skyla inserted yesterday, and the insertion was very similar to the Paragard insertion - not too bad! I basically felt two cramps, one with the sounding and a longer, pokier one when the IUD was actually inserted. They were comparable to bad period cramps, and it was over before I knew it. After both insertions, I felt good enough to bike right back to work afterward. When the Paragard was put in, I had moderate cramps and spotting for the first few days, but with the Skyla I've had pretty much nothing so far. Today is only the second day, and already I'm not spotting anymore and the cramps have been no more than a 1/10 for pain since the insertion (the IUD is still there, I checked!).

The doctor told me that they won’t be able to order any more Skylas because Bayer didn’t make enough of them to handle the demand that they're getting! Apparently I got the second-to-last one that they have in stock at my ob/gyn. So if you want a Skyla, go get it soon!
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