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I'm a diva again! But... Heavy bleeding?

I'm an IUD diva again! 22, no kids, in a 5 year relationship, been on loestrinFE24 for about 6 or seven years and am sick of hormones and ready to get off of them as soon as possible. After nearly a year of waiting since my failed Paragard insertion, I finally got it inserted again today! I am staying on my pill for another month as a backup, but then will get off the pill (cross my fingers) as long as I do not expel this IUD.

Todays experience was much smoother and less painful than the last attempt. My first attempt, I went through my former primary physician, worst choice ever. She yanked on the string and misplace the iud causing it to expel shortly after the insertion. This time, I went to an OBGYN, and felt confident in her abilities just at the consultation. The information she provided seemed much more genuine then my primary. Then today, she talked me through step by step and within 10 minutes of being in the dr office, I was in and out with barely any cramping. I did take 3 ibuprofen 45 min before the insertion, so this may have helped. Something I noticed though, when she went to check my uterus, she said it slightly tilted back, then when she measured it, she said it was 7.5cm. Last year, my primary told me I just barely made the cut at 6cm depth and didn't say anything about a backward tilted uterus. My OBGYN seemed confident after the insertion and said it was a very easy insertion and based on what happened last time, she doesn't think that it was my body that rejected it, but the doctors fault. With this, I am very hopeful that I can keep my IUD this time with no further complications.

Some questions:

Today is the third day of my period, I am still taking the pill, and usually my period is light the third and fourth day, but with the insertion being today, my period seems to be heavier than usual. Light cramps, nothing too out of the ordinary for me even though the insertion was today. Is it common for there to be an increase in flow on the day of insertion? When should I get concerned?

Also, any tips for cramps and bleeding? Natural herbs? OTC medications? Just trying to prep myself for heavier periods and worse cramps once I get off hormones this month.
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