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Post-insertion cramping in one spot?

I had my Paragard put in yesterday, and the insertion itself wasn't the most fun I've ever had but it went really well - lots of deep breathing and clenching my teeth, rather than wanting to scream because the pain was so bad. I took 800mg of ibuprofen and also 1mg of Ativan beforehand, and I know the Ativan helping me relax helped a LOT.

The cramping started immediately but it was about as bad as normal period cramps, just with the added bonus of feeling a foreign object inside me. The only oddity is the cramping also concentrated immediately on one side, which I told my doc before I even put my pants back on, and that hasn't changed. She looked puzzled but not concerned. Of course I freaked out on the way out of the office ("it's perforating my uterus, I need to go back and they need to ultrasound me!") but I'm still prone to paranoia and just wondering why. Is it a sign it's improperly placed? The cramping in general was bringing me to tears at points yesterday but today is alright so far and I haven't had to take ibuprofen yet since I'd categorize them as normal mild period cramps (I'm trying to save my drugs for when I really need it.)

Miscellany: only had a teeny bit of spotting so far and I think it was from immediately post-procedure, because it was far, far lighter than ANY menstrual discharge I've ever gotten. I started 400iu of vitamin E 3 days before insertion and took an additional 400iu last night when the cramps were getting exceptionally bad.

My doctor told me not even fingers up there for 2 weeks, or I'd check the strings just for my peace of mind. I know avoiding infection is more important than my neurosis, but this localized twinge even when I'm not actively cramping worries me. The cramps are the worst on that side but I can always feel something. Any insight?
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