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Paragard Expelled :(

Hi everyone,
I posted my insertion experience about 6 months ago and a 4-month update about two months ago. My insertion wasn't too bad, and I was very happy with my Paragard...until it decided it wasn't happy with me anymore. I went to check the strings one day, and I felt the plastic end poking out of my cervix. I was really pissed off. I was out of town visiting my long-distance boyfriend at the time, so that especially sucked. At least it didn't cause any discomfort. I went to the doctor when I got back home and she plucked it out (just caused a small cramp). Now I'm not sure what to do. I really liked the Paragard, but when I had it put in, my uterus sounded at the minimum allowable size for it, so I think I'm in the "high-risk for expulsion" category. I don't want to have another Paragard put in just to be in constant fear of it coming out again (especially because even being mis-positioned a bit can make the Paragard less effective). My doctor suggested that I consider the Skyla, since that IUD is smaller and is designed for people who haven't had kids and/or have smaller uteruses, like me. Any thoughts or suggestions?
Tags: expulsion, paragard, skyla/jaydess

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