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Skyla Review

I have continually come back to this forum over the years because I believe the information is honest and I decided I wanted to post something with my experience with the new birth control Skyla.

A little history:
I am 5'2 in my late 20's and have been pregnant, but no children. Routine pap smears do not hurt me at all.
I get my period regularly, and always have and they usually last about 4-5 days, day 5 very light almost non-existent.

I have taken the pill, various kinds and gained 15-20 lbs and went up two cup sizes, although the doctors said it was due to my diet. ( I eat very healthy and exercise daily) Pre-birth control, I weighed 105 lbs. Post birth control 125 lbs. I then came off of the birth control and lost 10 llbs but was never able to return to my original weight and cup size.
I then went back on the birth and tried the patch, which made me gain 15 lbs. I also became pregnant while on the patch. I swore off birth control for 3 years and lost 20 lbs and maintained it.

I then was became involved in a serious relationship and was assured by the doctors at PP that it would not affect me the same way as it was trans-vaginal and if it did, yet again, it was due to lack of diet and exercise. After a year with the ring I gained 25 lbs and came off of it except I was never able to take it off. In fact, over the next two years, I gained an additional 15 lbs. (I had also changed my job and was now sitting most of the time and working longer hours - hence less exercise)

Finally, after 4 months of extreme work-out and strict diet, I have been able to take off 27 lbs/ 40 lbs I gained. But... here's where skyla comes in...

I became engaged, and my fiancé, thought that I should go back on birth control as we are not ready to have children yet and we had ceased using condoms.

I spoke with my doctor and she said that the Skyla was less hormonal and smaller than the Mirena and good for people with smaller uteruses.

INSERTION - End of May 2013

I took 750 mg of Ibuprofen pre-insertion. I spoke with the MA about the pain with insertion and she said "Have you ever given birth before?" I should have ran..

The Insertion was extremely painful - extremely! Pap Smear, and biopsies are a breeze in comparison to the insertion. I started crying during the sounding.

My doc was very efficient and did an ultrasound checking every angle to make sure the iud was inserted properly. Upon standing, I thought my uterus was going to fall out. You literally feel like your insides will fall out. I cramped from the moment of the sounding until 7 days after the procedure. I had heavy spotting for two weeks after the procedure also. The cramping was severe for the 7 days. I also felt like my vagina was very swollen, to the point where if I felt the strings, I felt like they were digging into me.

Post- Insertion June 2013

As I had mentioned I used to get my period regularly. In June, maybe once or twice a day I would get a sharp shooting pain in the place of my ovary, making me keel over sometimes. This then resided to once a week.
In the End of June, I finally got my period for 3 days, and it was extremely light - a thin pantyliner did the trick.
I do have to admit that I did feel a change in my mood - I would feel down sometimes, but I associated that with the change in hormones. But, there was no weight gain noted.

July 2013 (current)

As I had already mentioned, I got my period in the end of June and it was very light. At least I thought it was my period.
July 1st, while away on vacation, my period began yet again except extremely heavy. I bled through a tampon and my underwear and through my pants in two hours.
While away, I had extreme mood swing and felt short-fused the entire time. I was bothered by everything, constantly feeling negative - which is frustrating because I am generally level-headed.
My period lasted 7 days - consistently heavy the entire time.
My fiancé even noted an extreme change in my behavior and request that I make an appointment to get the IUD removed.
After this time, I thought I was in the clear, my period stopped and my mood swings stopped also.

That was until yesterday when the spotting commenced yet again. I believe it is dry blood as it is a brownish color (Sorry for being graphic.). I also still have the sharp shooting pain 2-3 times a week. I have also gained 2 lbs since June.

I have an appointment to see my OBGYN in a couple of weeks. I don't know what I should do but I can honestly say that the IUD is making me miserable. I am constantly bleeding and cramping. My doc said "it will be well worth the pain" but I just don't see it. I am becoming very concerned about my body.

Does anyone have any feedback about this similar situation with an IUD or even with Skyla specifically?
With the sounding I am just under a "10" and another IUD wouldn't work for me as I am too small says my doctor. Plus, I don't think I'd want to go through that pain again.

Thanks and sorry for the long story!
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