supremaubergine (supremaubergine) wrote in iud_divas,

No bleeding?

I got my first IUD (ParaGard) three days ago, but it partially expelled almost immediately, so I got another one inserted yesterday. The strings are the same as they were yesterday (which is actually a lot longer than I was expecting,) and yay! No plastic poking out!
I was expecting tons of bleeding, but both times this wasn't the case. It was very light, and mostly looked like a mucous-y discharge streaked with blood, but even that's stopped by now. I still have come pretty uncomfortable, mostly left-sided cramping, but all in all, everything seems to be going pretty well. I was wondering, though, if the heavier bleeding will end up creeping up on me, or if it'll generally wait for my period? I started a really light second period (brought on by taking two single dose Plan B pills within a week and a half of each other) the day before I got the first one inserted, but the bleeding stopped all together by early afternoon the following day. I just don't want any nasty surprises if I'm not at home to take care of them!
Tags: bleeding, cramping, insertion, no kids (nulliparous), paragard

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