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Weird position Paragard

Hi Diva's!

I went to my gyn this morning because she called me yesterday and asked me to come in. She was doubting about my ultrasound from a week ago.. She thought that I had the Mirena but thats not the case, I have a Paragard (which I love btw)
She really wanted to see me because she was concerned that my IUD was malpositioned. I went in for another ultrasound and on this one she saw that my IUD was a bit lower than it suppused to be and the odd thing is, she thinks that the IUD legs are pointing in the direction of the top of my uterus. I cannot draw right now but she meant something like this --<

Not that extreme but she saw on the ultrasound that the legs touched my uturus. She send me through to a collegue in another city to check and make another ultrasound. Thing is, I am scared like *&%^% right now..
I really want this IUD to stay in :(. I already did a pregnancy test a couple of hours ago so that eased my mind a bit. But still.. I am supposed to get my period today, but I will do another pregnancy test on Monday since the next appointment is on Wednesday.

What do you Diva's think about this? I'm stressed out a little. And what should I do when this one has to be removed.. Mirena? I'm not sure if I will trust another Paragard in my weirdo uterus.

Thanks for reading :)

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