supremaubergine (supremaubergine) wrote in iud_divas,

Trying again

I got my first IUD (ParaGard) inserted two days ago, but it had partially expelled within the first 6 hours! I went back to Planned Parenthood this afternoon and had them remove it, as well as insert another ParaGard. Fortunately for me, the Take Charge program covered the second insertion. Although the Dr. couldn't say for sure what had happened, she said there was a possibility that it wasn't inserted correctly the first time, and the chance of it expelling a second time is really pretty slim.
While the insertion process was just as painful the second time, the cramping is a little worse and a bit more focused on the left side (anyone know why this might be?) but hardly any bleeding. Not unbearable, but for now, Advil and heating pad are my best friends. Let's just hope that everything works out the second time around!
Tags: cramping, expulsion, insertion, no kids (nulliparous), paragard

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