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A year after first IUD expelled, should I try it again?

I am 22, no kids, in a 5 year relationship, have been on LoestrinFE24 for nearly 7 years. A little under a year ago, I had a Paragard inserted, which failed and am now considering trying again this summer.

A little about my expulsion:

On the day of the insertion, after my doctor removed the speculum, she went back in to remove one of the strings, and possibly tugged on the wrong string. I got up right away and left from the doctors office, got dizzy at Walgreens, and nearly fainted. I didn't check for my strings till two days after the insertion and realized that the IUD was just hanging out in my vagina. I do not know exactly when it expelled, but to this day, I question if my doctor actually pulled it or if my body just rejected it.

I have now changed doctors, my new primary referred me to an ob/gyn, I have an appointment mid-july and will be discussing getting the Paragard inserted again.

Any advice from people who have had an IUD expel before and reinserted? Success? I am hoping for the best! Thanks!

My insertion story,

My expulsion story,
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