supremaubergine (supremaubergine) wrote in iud_divas,


I'm new here, and I thought I'd ask a quick question.
I got ParaGard today, and I'm afraid it might be expelling. I'm 20 years old, and have never been pregnant, which I've heard can make expulsion more likely. I've been having pretty bad, but not intolerable cramps, as well as some bleeding since insertion, and I felt for the strings for the first time and I felt what felt like a small rod wrapped with wire poking a little out of my cervix. Is it expelling after only 6 hours, or am I just freaking myself out? Also, if it IS expelling, would I be able to get another one immediately? I got it at Planned Parenthood, and it was completely covered by Take charge. Would they cover the second one if the first one expelled?
Tags: cramping, expulsion, insertion, paragard, strings

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