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Paragard insertion

Hello all!

I am new to this community. I am 23, never pregnant and am scheduled to get an IUD inserted Monday (but hoping to reschedule for Friday so I have more down time). This community has been very helpful, although I kind of regret reading through so much of it because now I am more scared :/

I am getting this IUD because I cannot take any estrogen due to a medical condition (sends me to the hospital)and haven't met a hormonal BC I liked. Anyway, I guess I just need some reassurance that MOST people do not have terribly negative experiences and expulsion. I am prepared for the pain during insertion and cramps after (honestly I am 100% positive nothing will be worse than the attacks I get from estrogen pills- many women with my condition say labor was a piece of cake compared to those types of attacks). I am also prepared for a heavier period.

My BF, who I am currently living 2,000 miles away from but will be reunited with July 19th, and I have always had a great sex life. How long did it take for some of you to have comfortable sex after insertion? I cancelled my first insertion months ago because I was due to see him a week or so after.

I plan to take 600 or so mg of ibuprofen before insertion, and my NP gave me misoprostal for the evening before and night of. Although I know I can take the pain I am still very nervous after reading all these horror stories:/
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