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No period yet..should I be concerned or am I just crazy?

I've had my Paragard since March and since then have had only two or three periods. They usually come early and last a little over a week. I've been super nervous still not to have sex without a condom, except recently we have for a little bit. TMI: on my last period we did while in the shower, he didn't finish inside me. And a few weeks later he had it in me for only a few seconds.
I'm aware that even pre-ejac can cause some unwanted results, but this might just be me not fully trusting my BC yet.

On my "Pink Pad" period tracker, it says I'm due for my period in a day.
My last period started on Saturday May 25, and by doing it without an app I was always told to then go down four Saturdays from then, and the fourth would be when you're due. In that case, I was supposed to get it on the 22nd.

Basically I'm just freaking out and that'll probably cause my period to be later. I have bad anxiety and not feeling any pms symptoms. Am I just crazy?

Sorry this is long!
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