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New Diva - FibroPlant

Hey Divas,

As of today, I am a Diva too! Thanks for the tons of information I got from this community, it helped me to be really prepared and make an informed decision.

A little background:
I am 28 (going on 29 way to fast), NP, working in the medical field and in a long-term, committed relationship. After 10 years on and off hormonal birth control, I started to experience worsening side-effects (muscle aches, mood swings fast enough to give me a whiplash, almost no sex drive etc). So I started looking in to other options.

The decision for an IUD was made after doing a lot of research. I had my heart set on the Gynefix, as I know my body and I had a feeling that a regular t-shaped IUD would not sit right with me. This has been proven today, as it turns out my uterus might even be too small for a Mirena. Unfortunately, my own gyn does not insert the Gynefix. So I got in touch with Dr. Wildemeersch, the creator of the Gynefix (I live in Belgium). Luckily for me, he does appointments on Saturday. So the appointment was set, during my period.

I got the meds I had to take prior to insertion well in advance. It was 2 tabs of Cytotec, to soften the cervix, and one tab of Ibuprofen. Drove to his office, with plenty of time to spare. Good thing I did, finding a parking spot was a nightmare.
Dr. Wildemeersch is a friendly man, who immediately made me feel at ease. So we started talking about the reasons I wanted to get the Gynefix. I mentioned that it was too bad that the FibroPlant wasn't available yet, because I'd prefer that one due to my low ferritin levels. To my surprise he said that it was available, but only through him. So I decided to go with that one, as my periods off birth control are on the heavy side and the very low and localized dose of hormones would most likely not have the side effects I was having. With the Gynefix there's still a small chance of heavier periods in the first few months. FibroPlant diminishes the menstrual flow (although the period may increase in length) and might therefor have a beneficial effect on the ferritin levels. He asked me to have it checked in 6 months so we can see if this is the case for me.
I got installed on the table. First he took an ultrasound. Turns out I have a rather small uterus, he gave me a year with a Mirena as that would be too big for me. Then he inserted the speculum. A bit uncomfortable, but nothing I couldn't manage. Then I felt a little stab, which was the local anesthetic so I wouldn't feel the clamp. After that came the disinfectant and he took a measurement. That hurt quite a bit, as there appears to be a narrow part in my cervix, but it only lasted a few seconds. Then came the actual insertion. Rather painful, as I was tensing up. But the doctor noticed, and told me to relax and take a few deep breaths. That helped, but the insertion was still very painful. But it only lasted a few seconds, so perfectly manageable. Then he took another ultrasound, to confirm the position of the FibroPlant. And that was it. To my surprise, it was over really quick and I felt fine! A bit uncomfortable, as I felt that something had happened, but okay otherwise. So we chatted a bit more afterwards, about aftercare and IUDs. Dr. Wildemeersch is a big fan of women taking charge of their own bodies, and he's trying to get his IUDs out there and approved for everyone.

I felt and still feel fine. I notice that something has been done down there, but it's nothing I can't handle. It's not what I expected. I was prepared to spend the rest of the day on the couch with Ibuprofen, a heating pad and some cartoons. Instead, I drove myself home (almost 2 hrs drive), I went shopping and hung out with some friends. I had some cramps right after the insertion, but they've tapered down to the occasional twinge. There's still some bleeding, but it's a bit hard to tell if that's post-insertion or my period. And the bleeding is already less then it was right after the insertion. It does take 7 days for the FibroPlant to become fully effective, but you're not allowed to have sex 7 days post-insertion, so no worries there. The annoying part is no tampons or cups for 7 days post-insertion...

It went a lot better than I expected. But I might have read too many horror stories online. I feel great, and I hope it stays that way. Dr. Wildemeersch is really great, I'm glad I had it done by him.

Let me know if you have questions, I'll gladly answer them for you.
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