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sklya: is it really better than Mirena for nullip?

Hi everyone!
It's been a while since I've been around here in Iud_Divas, mostly because I had my Mirena removed about 6 months ago. I had had it in for 6 months, and just could not deal with the constant cramping... after exercise, after sex, after going for a walk, after anything that involved movement, it seemed. I was gaining some weight, but I don't think it was the hormones.. getting on the elliptical was just too crampy and uncomfortable and I didn't want to work out anymore. My Mirena insertion was also rather traumatic and one of the most painful things i've experienced. I had a few hormonal effects like acne and sometimes mood swings, though those were smoothing out by the 5th month. Perhaps if not for the constant crampiness I could have kept it. I'm 28, NP, and don't want children.

I just discovered today that there's a new IUD out there that was actually designed for nullips called Skyla. I can't find a lot of information out there on whether this might be a better option though--as in, do women experience less cramping because it's slightly smaller? I looked up the measurements and it's not THAT much smaller, really. Has anyone here had both and experienced a difference? Is this something I might look into as another option or should I rule it out because it will most likely feel the same as the Mirena?

Thanks for any insights you might have...
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