nkayy (______isometric) wrote in iud_divas,

Paragard first period

LJ crashed first time I tried to post this so I'll keep it short.

Everything is great. Nothing outside my normal range of periods. Great sex drive. 15th was rough but the rest was easy. Cramping 1 week before period, no cramping during period. 800 IU of Vitamin E a day. Few NSAIDs every now and then. I would get the paragard again in a split second. Hormonally I've been adjusting and a bit crazy but manageable. Guy I've been sleeping with became boyfriend. Clearly not that crazy. Gained some weight. Turns out it was just period weight. Quit smoking. Life is great. Diva on.
Tags: birth control, bleeding, cramping, paragard, periods, sex drive, updates short term

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