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8 weeks, please I don't want to expell it.

I got a TCu380 mid-cycle insertion 8 weeks ago, and everything went “by the book.” I am 39, I had twins by c-section 8 years ago and I am tired of hormones. My husband is also tired of the condom, so we saved for a long time to get the IUD. It was a tough insertion since the scar of the c-section apparently closes my cervix, but finally the doctor managed to put it on. My period started 5 days earlier, a lot heavier than usual and lasted for 10 days. After that, I felt good, with some mild cramps every once and then, but nothing to really complain about.

I went to the follow up appointment one month after the insertion. I got an ultrasound and the T was in place. The doctor recommended to use a back up method until I reach –at least, (the longer, the better)- the 3 months mark. I found it useless and thought I wouldn’t use anything else, because that is what the iud was for, but I have not had sex since then, because I had my very long and heavy period (10 days again), and then I had a bad cold.

Today I noticed I am spotting. So I panicked. I tried to reach my strings, and there they are. But I also felt the tip of the iud, not completely hanging out of the cervix, but lower than the last few times I’ve checked. My cervix is pretty high today and I am in the middle of my cycle, probably even ovulating. I don’t think I am having any kind of cramps or pain, maybe a little, but it could be because I am feeling nervous. I am afraid to be expelling because I can’t afford a new one right now, and this was the right BC method for me. Also, I have to wait a couple of weeks since I would be able to pay a doctor as I have no insurance.

I guess I would have to wait and see what happens. Maybe the iud will go back to its place in a few days. Does that ever happen?

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