Independent Girl (kelaina) wrote in iud_divas,
Independent Girl

First short period?

So I have the Mirena IUD. I suffered really horrible severe cramping every time my period came around, and they were heavier than usual, and I've heard the cramping compared to pre-labor pains. So, you know, it's nice to know that should I ever give birth, I'll be able to handle it. Maybe. Sort of. Not really.

This time my cramping was mild and my period lasted maybe three days and was much lighter. It was also combined with exhaustion, a constant-not hungry feeling, and complete and utter paranoia that I was actually pregnant. I was convinced that the period was actually implantation bleeding, that the cramping I felt was more similar to the cramping I got when I actually WAS pregnant, and that somehow, my husband had super sperm and he'd managed to get around the IUD. (To be fair, I was not irrational in thinking this last one, as he's gotten around my birth control before, the bastard.)

I haven't taken a pregnancy test, but two nights ago, I briefly suffered the severe cramping from before, after my period had stopped.

I'm crazy paranoid about my IUD falling out (I've never been able to feel the strings, even after the doctor inserted it), but does this sound like the Mirena FINALLY settling down? Is it going to finally quit its bitching?
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