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When can I have an active lifestyle after the IUD?

Hello! This should be a short and to the point question.
I plan on getting the copper-T IUD later on in July (I have to wait until then for insurance purposes). I am 19, never been pregnant or had a child, and this will be my first IUD - switching from an orthocyclene pill. During the time I'd get my IUD put in, I am part of a somewhat intense "summer camp" job. I will have the entire morning and most of the afternoon off on the day I get it put in. However, the days following I will be on my feet most of the time and walking around campus with students. 4 days later I will be going white water rafting. I plan on rock climbing later this summer too, and I like to work out every day (within reason, those can be nixed). My question is really how crazy am I to try to do this all after my insertion? I'm under the impression it will hurt a lot (never had a kid, etc) and I'd rather not perforate my uterus (I never want to have children, but I'd be really upset if I mess up the chance and have to wait an entire year before I'm covered for it again)
So in your personal opinion and personal experience, how awful would it be to go white water rafting the weekend after I get my IUD put in? Do you think anything serious could come out of it, like knocking it out of place?
If I had a different time-frame option, believe me, I would take it..
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