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1 month Mirena update

Here's the backstory.

So it's been one month and one week since my Mirena IUD was inserted. So far I'm pretty happy with how things have worked out!

I had a little spotting and cramping for the first week but nothing major at all and then life went back to normal and I didn't even notice it! My doctor advised to not have sex for the first two weeks and I actually listened to her for once. So far I haven't noticed anything during sex except that I'm more paranoid about vigorous activity. I make sure we start out slow but overall it hasn't affected us at all in terms of quality/quantity/positions/exertion/etc.

About 2.5 weeks after insertion I started getting mild cramps again and I assumed it meant my period was going to start on time. I went a whole week of mild cramping and didn't get my period (took some pregnancy tests, all negative). One night I actually had a cramp strong enough to wake me up and make me think "aagghhh I've got appendicitis... wait, nope, that's my uterus". But I fell back asleep and was back to normal in the morning.

The week after the cramps, I actually started spotting. I was pretty excited, thinking that this was my overdue period. During this week I had my one month check up with my insertion doctor. She basically just looked at my cervix, saw the strings, did a manual exam to make sure I didn't have any pain, and sent me on my way. I was a little surprised that it was so simple but I trust her and I have you all to help me through this first year so I'm okay with it.

A few days after that I got what seems to be my "real" period. The flow was heavy enough to need 2-3 tampons/day for two days. Other than that week of mild cramping, I haven't had any pain or cramping during my "period", which is a huge improvement over my pre-birth-control-pill years and about on-par or better than my birth-control-pill years.

My question to any Mirena users out there: will my cycle normalize? I'm totally down for the only-spotting periods OR the 6-tampons-and-done periods but it would be a huge bummer to have a week of each plus a week of pre-period cramping for the next 5 years.

TL;DR: I love my Mirena and any side effects I've been having are totally worth the highly-effective birth control and not worrying about taking a pill every day.
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